The First Waldorf School in North America
Lower School   15 East 79th Street  212 535.2130
Upper School   15 East 78th Street  212 879.1101

What is Waldorf?

The premise of Waldorf education is that teachers can help children and adolescents become free thinking and socially committed adults. As guides, mentors, and figures of authority, teachers at our school address the highest potential of each student enabling the student to find his or her life's purpose and meaning. Our method allows students to engage with the curriculum on many levels. Our motto is "head, heart, and hand." The lessons balance cognitive and emotional intelligence, and physical activity. Each lesson and assignment integrates academic work with fine arts and practical arts.

Please read the article on Waldorf education on the front page of the New York Times on  Sunday, October 23 "A Silicon Valley School That Doesn’t Compute."

Media in Waldorf Early Childhood and Early Grades (N-5) Explained

Click the image below to view a recent video explaining Waldorf education's engagement with media in Early Childhood and the early Lower School grades. The film, recently produced by Marin Waldorf in California, is a beautiful description of why and how Rudolf Steiner School approaches media for its youngest developing children (Grades N-5).